Performance tuning with proven results by using our Dyno rolling road!

Lesser ECU remapping companies will tune your car and road test it to prove the results. However, at CT Tuning and ECU Remapping, we take ecu remapping and engine tuning a little more seriously than that and that’s why our ecu engine remapping can be tested using a dynomometer rolling-road. Please get in touch for more details.

At CT Tuning and ECU Remapping not only can we measure your engines power output before & after ECU remapping, we log parameters such as boost, air fuel ratio, RPM, load, intake air temperature, advance & oil temperature. We can also hold your car at a certain RPM or load to diagnose any problems or smooth out any flat spots in the power delivery. The rolling road dyno tuning process is carried out by trained professionals. Don’t make the mistake of going to a cowboy firm! Do some research!

Our Testing Equipment

The DD Precision 2WD is a very versatile machine, capable of running any 2wd vehicle including Motorcycles, Quad Bikes and Go Karts.

  • Can run very low power up to 1200 Horsepower at the wheels
  • Test Cars, Trucks, RV, Go Karts, Quad Bikes and Motorcycles
  • Measure HP, Torque Time, Tractive effort rpm etc
  • Measure AFR / Lambda
  • Automatic weather station Air Temperature Correction
  • Measure vacuum / Boost
  • Thermocouple / EGT channels
  • Built in Knock detection
  • Measure RPM direct from engine / Roller speed
  • Ramp Mode for Power Graphing
  • Steady State mode for fine engine tuning
  • 2WD Dyno can be upgraded to a 4WD Dyno
  • The Dyno uses Intelligent Adaptive load control and will hold load perfectly every time, very useful for engine mappers

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