North East Expert ECU Remapping


Better engine performance, better fuel economy

Our engine tuning software has already undergone significant scrutiny and extensive testing before being made available to you. Remapping your vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit), can give you increased performance by increasing BHP and torque. You will end up with a more focused driving experience by enhancing your vehicle’s ability to perform at levels to suit your personal requirements.

North East ECU Remapping? Chip Tuning? Chip Remapping?

Your electronic control unit affects the quantity of injected fuel and control ignition. Car manufacturers are forced to compile these programs according to certain criteria and with significant reserves. In most cases, the engine of your vehicle achieves only 60-70% of its possibilities. This fact can be easily and safely changed by adjusting the data stored in the memory control unit, the chip.

ECU tuning, chip tuning or chip remapping is effectively adjusting the original performance parameter levels. Contact our team now to find out how to make your vehicle work more effectively for you.

Our North East ECU remapping service can improve

•      An engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot

•     Smoother power delivery, making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes

•     Improved acceleration for safer overtaking

Make the most of our mobile service

Did you know that our engineers will come to you? Call us on T: 01429 450500 and we will make the necessary arrangements to remap your ECU wherever and whenever is convenient to you.

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